Colbert, Dana

Dana Colbert has over fifteen years of professional experience working in the field of wound care and skin care treatment.  Dana graduated with a B.S. in Health Science from Towson University where she found her passion for working in the healthcare industry and developed her interest in the benefits of using natural alternatives in wound healing for patient care.  During her career, Dana has worked extensively with doctors, nurses and health practitioners, educating and training these healthcare professionals in hospitals, surgical rooms, wound care centers, nursing facilities and home care settings.

As Business Development Manager for Genadyne Biotechnologies since 2008, Dana’s hands-on patient experience with topical skin and wound care products, and her goal to include natural ingredients in the products as alternative remedies, led to the launch of the Nexderma line of products for animals in 2017.  Since then, Dana’s love of animals and desire to create natural healing and care products, found her working alongside veterinarians, vet technicians and groomers.  Dana has shared her knowledge in veterinary hospitals/clinics/offices and led symposiums on healing and care products throughout the US and Canada.  Nexderma’s proprietary formulas, Stem Gel (a wound healing accelerant) and Silvet (a nano-colloidal silver anti-fungal/antimicrobial) have resulted in proven accelerated healing in wounds for animal care.

Dana is committed to Nexderma’s mission to deliver exceptional patient outcomes for our animal companions.  As such, Nexderma will continue to research and develop their line of wound healing and care products for the health and well-being of our pet friends. 

Da Sylva, Vero

Accomplished Pet Stylist in the Grooming Industry in the U.S. and Europe. Vero was a Groom Team USA Member from 2003 to 2006. She is a MPS Meritus, Judge, Speaker, Mentor, as well as Certifier/Consultant for the ISCC. Multiple Best in Show and Best All-Around winner, Vero receive multiple Scissoring awards: Lynne Carver Awards, Ultimate Pet Stylist Award, Winner of the Triple Crown Circle Tournament. She received the Cardinal Chrystal Achievement Award for Best American Groomer of the Year twice, Oster World Invitational Grand Champion Tournament. Vero was also Winner of the Show Dog of the Year Special Industry Award for Groomer of the Year at the Westminster Dog Show twice. Vero is active in the show ring in Europe and US for years showing Poodles, ScottishTerriers, Bichon Frises. She finished her own Silver Dwarf Poodle “Happy New Year de Herdezabad”, aka Happy, in Europe, F.C.I. French Champion, Multi International Champion. Her Black Brindle Scottish Terrier “Sugarbush September Song”, aka Nicky, in the US, A.K.C. American Champion. And “Bay Flower JP Brings Me Serenity”, aka Fuji, #3 Toy Poodle in the US, American Gold Grand Champion. Also, First Toy Poodle to achieve the highest Level with The Platinum American Grand Champion in the Owner/Handled Competition. Vero did win Best in Show with both her “Girls” in the Grooming Competition Ring in the US and Europe.