Dinwiddie, Mindy, AMS, APG, Mc

Mindy Dinwiddie is the founder of Classy Canine in Litchfield, Michigan, is a certified professional groomer through the IPG and the AKC, sits on the board of the Ethics committee for the International Judges Association and is a brand ambassador for Evolution Shears.. Her professional pet grooming career started in 2007, over the last 14

Belanger, Lory, AMS, CPG

Lory Belanger has sharpened her grooming skills over the course of 15 years as a Professional Advanced Master Stylist by working with world renown groomers like Mindy Dinwiddie, Jessica Adorno and Malssa Conti-Diener, as well as attending multiple grooming expos.  Lory is the Lead Instructor and General Manager of The Whole Pet Grooming Academy where

Baccus, Cindy

Cindy Baccus’ passion to help her clients learn the techniques necessary for a fun and exciting marketing plan is one of the reasons she is so popular among entrepreneurs. Cindy has developed innovative and affordable marketing ideas for many clients across multiple industries. These concepts have resulted in increased revenues without her clients breaking a

Rutledge, Benjamin

Modern marketing is overwhelming and expensive, and you can spend a lot of money just to get lost in the noise. As a small business owner himself, Ben is passionate about helping small business owners solve the overwhelm of modern marketing, and get a clear plan for growth. With a dual background in marketing and psychology

Forleo, Dara

Dara Forleo is the founder of The Whole Pet Grooming Academy for animal arts and sciences and is a leading influencer for the advancement and professionalism in the pet grooming industry. She co-hosts The Groomers Cut live streaming show with her team of Pet Pro Educators.  Dara has been recognized as Educator of the Year,

Smith, David C., CPA

David is a certified professional accountant (CPA) that has been handling the ins and outs of how to save businesses money on their taxes for 30 years. He started his career working for both large and small petroleum companies, a jeweler, and a construction company. David has done contract controller work for many different companies

Morales, Joshua, NCMG

Joshua Morales is a veteran in the world of all-breed dog grooming. A graduate of Pet Grooming school in 2009, he is also a Nationally Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America and a Certified member of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists. Joshua has helped thousands of aspiring pet groomers

Wilburn-Woods, Scott

Scott currently owns and operates two brick and mortar salons, a boarding facility as well as a mobile unit with a second and third unit on order. Scott is the co-founder of The Million Dollar Mobile series as well as an award winning competition pet stylist. Scott’s newest passion in life is to help others

Tallant, Patsy Brooks, ISCC MPS, Meritus

Patsy began her pet styling career in 1978, while showing Miniature Poodles. After finishing college, she worked in various parts of the industry, including veterinary clinics, small and large salons including corporate, In 1995 she opened her own grooming salon, which evolved into two salon’s and 2 mobile units. Now Patsy is concentrating on only